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Steps away from  the vibrant and dynamic West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, this house distinguishes itself with its Minimalist approach to Mediterranean style. High ceilings, cantilevered large span of open floor plans, and wide pocket doors that open out to the front and back yards create a visual effect of suspension and open aperture to the blue sky of Los Angeles. 

Inside, the home has a selection of the finest stone, marble and porcelain from Spain and Italy. Extra-large format tiles of white porcelain clay with a premium resistance and durability cover the floor and the walls, creating a minimalist approach and an energy. The latter is yet sometimes interrupted by the use of aged clay porcelain on accent walls and matte black fixtures and rustic copper partition walls.




Site Area:

Project Area:


Project Type:


Project Details:

Under Design Development 

6,000 SQFT

4,700 SQFT 

Mid City West, Los Angeles CA

Single Residential 

David Choi & Associates, AGI Geotechnical Inc., DKE Engineer, Corp.​


6 Bedrooms

7 Bathrooms

Smart Home with Zero Edge Pool

Entertainment Basement with Movie Theatre, Gym, Kids Playground, Bar &  Wine Cellar.


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