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Founder & President

With over a decade of design related experience as well as a refined multicultural approach to architecture, Stephanie Harroch sets the bar for architectural design, combining her unique blend of aesthetic styles and ideals to create structures that are wholly their own. The Moroccan born designer attributes these eclectic stylings to her colorful and diverse upbringing, nourishing her passion for architecture at a young age while growing up in Morocco and Italy before finally settling in the United States.

It was here she received her educational training, as she attended top tier universities such as the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Architecture at Pratt, and finally the Graduate School of Architecture and Design at Colombia University (NYC), where she obtained her Master (II) in Advanced Architectural Design.

Upon graduation, Stephanie began working with world renowned firms such as ASY, Richard Meier, Bernard Tschumi, Aldo Rossi and Partners, and Handel Architects, before founding the Los Angeles based firm XID in 2014.

Stephanie’s minimalist sentiments, paired with pure lines, exposed materiality, framed landscapes, bold and edgy accents, and a emphasis on natural lighting, enabled XID to rapidly take root in LA’s metropolitan area, as her multifaceted blend of American and European modernism struck a cord with the investors and clients of Southern California. Since then, Stephanie and XID have utilized their affinity for open floor plans, integrated spatial connections, acute precision to detail, and excellence in holistic design to carve out a sizable niche in the Los Angeles architecture market.



Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished and result-driven Chief Financial Officer with more than 8 years of progressive experience with an expertise in financial management of real-estate start-up companies, Kevin has proved his ability to streamline business operations and internal procedures. Diligent and goal-oriented, with a strong mind and passion for managing companies to create growth and optimize development, he began working with CPA firms in Paris as an accountant and senior tax associate. He then worked for the french leader of real-estate insurance as a financial auditor, Risk & Compliance division.

Kevin is responsible for client contact, establishment of fees and schedules, supervision of finance, overall project coordination.



Project Manager, Architect

A renowned French architect, Charlotte DELAPLACE has worked on projects of national and international significance. 

Specialized in the influence of architecture on our subconscious, she has won many awards such as the one attributed by the academy of architecture of Paris, for her futuristic vision of the profession.

Published in many magazines, she was exhibited at the pavilion of the arsenal for one of her innovative projects.

Founder of a Parisian architectural firm, she started to develop internationally which allowed her to obtain the green card as an international talent in architecture in the U.S.

She works today within XID studio, which allows her to find a balance between the European and American vision, on eclectic projects.



Project Architect

Yu Ru Doris Guo, a Taiwanese architectural designer based in Los Angeles, holds an advanced architectural master's degree from the University of Southern California. With a diverse portfolio spanning luxury villa designs, high-rise condominiums, outpatient healthcare institutes, sports architecture, and expansive commercial developments, she brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Doris's professional journey has taken her across borders, as she has seamlessly blended work and study experiences in prominent architectural hubs such as Taiwan, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

This international perspective enriches her approach to design and problem-solving.

Currently, Doris is actively engaged in high-end projects at XID. As an architectural designer, her responsibilities encompass a comprehensive spectrum of tasks, ranging from conceptualization to permitting, interior design, and proficient project management during construction phases.



Junior Designer

Graduated from Newschool of architecture and design with a Bachelor degree  in Architecture.
Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, exploring new materials, and embracing emerging technologies to bring visionary concepts to life.
Her Middle Eastern and European background provides her with a global perspective, diverse cultural insights, and exposure to varied architectural styles and techniques, fostering creativity and adaptability in her design approach.
She specialized in creating aesthetically captivating and culturally inspired designs that elevate the visual appeal of architectural spaces that cater to individual needs and lifestyles.

Currently working at XID as a junior architect engaging in renovations and Remodeling of ADU’s, integrating interior design with the exterior, and customizing residential projects to suit the aesthetic needs and preferences of homeowners.

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