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XID and its Relationship with Investors  

  • Provides Zoning Consulting to Investors

Defining the type of property to be constructed on the parcels

Understanding local and governing laws on parcels


  • Provides Design Consulting to Investors

During acquisition of land/property

Discuss options of project types such as Single Family Dwelling/Multi-family/Remodels and flips/Interior design


  • Provides Economic Feasibility of the Project

To determine the desired return on property

XID works closely with skilled professionals and consultants that will assist, determine and more specific economic and financial feasibility of the project. Such professionals are:

Contractors and subcontractors

Financial Advisors

Real-Estate Lawyers & Agents


  • Provides Marketing Packages to the Investors

High-resolution photo-realistic images (3D renderings)

Rendered floor plans for future buyer willing to buy the project off-market


  • Provides Construction Administration to Investors

On site visit on a regular basis to verify all portions of design are "per the plan" and costs are optimized

Coordinate consultant teams to ensure construction meets its timeline

Resolve issues due to on-site difficulty encounters with design solutions.

Provides clients with substantial discounts from partners



Completed in 2019

4,611 SQFT 

6,524 SQFT 

Los Angeles CA

Multi-Family Residential 

David Choi & Associates

4 Duplexes with Private Rooftop +





Site Area:

Project Area:


Project Type:


Project Details:





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