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627 Detroit Ave

Los Angeles, California

Located in the heart of Fairfax and Melrose Districts in Los Angeles, this house was designed as a retreat home for a dynamic couple willing to spend their time in one of Los Angeles's most exciting neighborhood. The style was essentially inspired by the design methodology of Japanese gardens while maintaining a modern and minimalist style. Large bay windows overlooking exotic plant walls enclose an open floor plan with a zen-like flow. Bamboo walls and earth tones define a serene interior and spacious space, ideal to restore one's energy.




Site Area:

Project Area:


Project Type:


Project Details:

Under Permitting

5,939 SQFT

3,265 SQFT 

Mar Vista, Los Angeles CA

Single Residential 

David Choi & Associates,

AGI Geotechnical Inc.,

DKE Engineer, Corp.​

4 Beds -4 ½ Baths

Smart Home with Zero Edge Pool 


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