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Architectural Design + Interior

California Based Architectural Design Company

Living in California, we are exposed to beauty around every corner. Whether it is our stunning beaches, secluded National Parks, or our striking architecture. California is home to some of the most luxurious and fantastic architecture in the world. As an architectural design company, we strive to bring that same luxury and beauty to each and every project we are a part of. With a range of architectural design services, the team at XID Design & Build LLC is happy to help you with any commercial or residential project. Led by our trained and experienced architect, Stephanie Harroch, we are pleased to help you with any size project large or small. Whether you are constructing a new residential space or trying to flip a home, our team is here to help.


We are well versed in both architecture and design. We understand when creating a composed and coherent building, architecture and design must go hand and hand. To fully realize any creative undertaking, the architectural components, both inside and outside a building, must related to one another, in order to create a comprehensive theme and feel. Commercial, residential, or multi-family residential undertakings deserve to have the luxurious aesthetics that Californians have come to know and expect. Our team will work together with investors, builders, engineers, and owners to create just the right architecture and design for a new or existing building. We are happy to start from scratch on a new project, or help to renovate an existing building. We are also experts with creating new additions to both homes and commercial buildings.


Architectural design is an important concept for any project. Any design of a commercial or residential building must meet both the needs of form and function. To be a successful building, the architectural design must be functional. This means that those who interact with the space, must do so easily and unhindered. Architectural design is important for people working in an office building, retail space, or simply living at home. Once the functionality of a space is determined, it is up to the architect to realize the form. This means making the functionality of a building still beautiful to look at. Merging both form and function together takes a keen eye and a talented architect. The professionals XID Design & Build LLC are happy to help you create a space that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Our team will work alongside the key decision makers to create a genuinely unique and beautiful, yet practical design.

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