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2208 Beverly Drive

Beverlywood, California

Nestled in Beverlywood, a desirable, quiet and family neighborhood, the house is aimed to blend with the well-preserved neighborhood style. While the exterior aesthetic has a conservative contemporary style, the interior layout is modern with European Minimalist influences. The open floor plan enables the sight of the backyard garden, pool and cabana from the entry. The first floor is mainly entertaining with two kitchens, a double island, a semi-private dining room, and a two side glazed wine cellar adjacent to the formal living room. While looking up to the double height ceiling throughout the house, are perceived suspended bridges leading to the private suites on the top floor. For the additional guests, other privates suites are found in the basement along with a movie screening lounge, a wine tasting bar and a fully equipped gym. 




Site Area:

Project Area:


Project Type:


Project Details:

Expected Completion in 2020​

7,500 SQFT 

5,824 SQFT 

Beverlywood, CA

Single Residential 

Batim Construction,

AGI Geotechnical Inc.,

DKE Engineer, Corp.​

6 Beds - 8 Baths - Wine Cellar

Basement with Movie Theatre, Bar and

Entertainment Spaces, Gym.

One Office Space

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