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Commercial Architecture

Stunning Commercial Building Design

Commercial architecture can come in many forms. A building can be anything from an office building, to a retail space. Although commercial architecture has several similarities with residential architecture, there are specific challenges that commercial buildings often present. For one, commercial buildings must function in a different way compared to a residential home. Often, these buildings have many more people using and working within the space on any given day. This means that spaces tend to be larger and more open, in order to accommodate a larger amount of people. Further, spaces must be better defined. Restroom facilities, kitchens, and offices often must be larger and more purposeful. In addition, many commercial architecture designs are built with the functionality of the building in mind. Additional storage, loading docks, and office space is often required in the overall design.
Aside from different visible considerations to make for a commercial building, the commercial building design also has several design considerations that often go unseen. Because commercial buildings commonly house more people, it is very important to consider the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems in commercial building design. Wiring must be able to handle several computer stations plugged in at once, or power specialized equipment. Plumbing must be efficient enough to accommodate several people using the building and must be powerful enough to pump water even to high floors. Further HVAC must be strong enough to sufficiently and efficiently heat and cool all parts of the building. Further, lighting is a very important consideration in commercial building design. While it is wonderful to be able to use natural sunlight to illuminate a building, considerations must be made if employees will be utilizing the space after the sun has gone down for the day.

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