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Duxbury Rd Residence

Beverlywood, California

Situated in the desirable neighborhood of Beverlywood, the house sits on a corner lot with extensive two-side gardens. Designed around an L-shaped floor plan, the house stands proudly yet humbly away from the sidewalk, offering privacy to the poolside yard.

The material palette of this transitional modern farmhouse was carefully selected; from the custom-made slim white bricks, the light oak wood paneling, the black framed custom made windows and French doors, to the lighting fixtures. 

The double height storefront and skylight by the entry's atrium interrupts the rational window placement of a traditional farmhouse and introduces a modern spatial element uniting the two wings of the house. 




Site Area:

Project Area:


Project Type:


Project Details:

Expected Completion in 2021

4,789 SQFT 

10,642.7 SQFT 

Beverlywood, Los Angeles CA

Single Residential 

DK Engineereing

Drexel Construction

Messiha Engineering Services, Inc.


5 Beds- 5 ½ Baths

Smart Home with Zero Edge Pool 

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