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Floor Plan Design

Comprehensive Floor Plan Design

If you are constructing a new building, either commercial or residential, it is important to consider the floor plan design. The overall floor plan of a space helps determine the way people will move and use the building. An effective floor plan will create a functional space, while also defining the space clearly. With proper interior design, it is perfectly possible to have an open concept floor plan, while still creating well defined spaces for each room. Floor plan design takes an expert who understands both the aesthetics of a space, as well as the architectural and engineering limitations and possibilities of that space. A well-designed floor plan will also make mechanicals within a building efficient and easy to install. This means that the architect and designer should be able to position the plumbing, wiring, and HVAC seamlessly throughout the building.
Home remodels will often rely on architectural floor plans. If you have an existing space that you are looking to update, having the architectural floor plans can make the job of the designer and engineer much easier. Architectural floor plans can help locate where exactly the wiring, weight load, and HVAC are in an existing building. Understanding what lies beyond the walls of a building can help determine what changes can be made during the renovation. Even if there are existing components in the architectural floor plan that must be moved or changed, understanding where they are, and how extensive the mechanicals are, will better help determine the budget and overall scope of work for the renovation. The team at XID Design & Build LLC is experienced in working with, and creating architectural floor plans for new and existing buildings alike. Work with our trained and experienced architect to create architectural plans for your next construction project.
When working on any project, it is important to understand the current zoning of the area. Buildings can be marked as commercial or residential. Within the commercial and residential zoning, there are usually various degrees of zoning regulations applied. These zoning qualifiers help dictate the purpose and function of a building. At XID Design & Build LLC, we offer zoning consulting. We are happy to work with local government officials and members of the zoning board to understand the purpose and intent of any existing property or site. Our zoning consulting will help you better understand what is possible for your future building project. With a local understanding of what zoning is intended for each building, we can help save you time and money on the overall design. If you must have a site or building rezoned within the middle of the work, it can create costly delays. Trust the experts at XID Design & Build LLC to ensure your building is zoned correctly, so that you can realize your building dreams.

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