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Interior Design

Understanding the Importance of Interior Design

Aside from the outward appearance and structural components of a home, retail, or commercial building, it is important to consider the interior design. To create a comprehensive design, it is necessary to consider both the inside and the outside of a building. Having the right interior design can completely influence the way people use and interact with a building. It is always important to consider the ways people will be using the building. Once the functionality of the building is confirmed, the interior design can begin. At XID Design & Build LLC, we are happy to not only create your architectural design but help you with the interior design of your building as well.
Both home interior design and commercial interior design have several components to consider. One of the most important components in a home interior design is space. By designing the space within the home, a designer is determining the way a room or part of the home will be used. Interior design can help define space through lighting, color, shapes, or forms. Further, another key component of interior design is the line of an interior. By creating various lines throughout an interior, a designer can create forms and shapes within the building. These can be for functionality, or to suit an overall design theme or trend throughout the entire home. Lines can be incorporated with other key components of interior design such as texture, color, or pattern.
Residential house design allows the inhabitants to truly express themselves. This is the opportunity for people to display the things they love within the home. Residential house design can be created to suit certain well-established trends, designs, or forms. In California, there are several common house designs. At XID Design & Build LLC, we are not only able to replicate these designs, but we can create your own personal spin on the design. Bring your own ideas and personality into your residential creation. Our team is happy to collaborate to create just the right feel, functionality, and aesthetics you are looking for in a residential home.

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