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There are several benefits to working with LA architecture firms. First, we are local. That means that we are easy to get in touch with and are approachable. We have great communication which means that your ideas and dreams are easily communicated to our designers, engineers, and builders alike. With local LA architecture firms, you can rest assured that we will be close by to make sure your dreams and designs are properly and correctly relayed to the building and engineering crew. Further, by being local, we can fully understand the local ordinances and regulations. This means we understand everything from building code to zoning requirements. By having a firm that understands the ins and outs of the local ordinances, you will not only save time throughout the design phase, but you will save money by not having to make alterations and corrections along the way. The team at XID Design & Build LLC is happy to work with you hand in hand through every step of the design process. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, a brand new build, or a renovation, our experienced, knowledgeable, and professional team is here to help.
The team at XID Design & Build LLC is able to do it all. Aside from commercial design, we are able to help with house architecture. Many components go into creating the perfect residential home. Our house architecture ranges from single family homes, to multi-family residential units. We understand that southern California has a certain aesthetic look, as well as certain functionality requirements. Our team tries to incorporate a modern European simplistic approach to our designs. With clean, crisp lines, open concept design, and plenty of natural light, we are sure to create the perfect southern California masterpiece. If you have an existing home, we can still help remodel the house architecture. We are experts at creating new and open spaces or building an addition. Or, if you have recently purchased a home that is outdated, we can help bring modern touches into the home design to create a profitable flip. Whatever your home needs, our team can create an open concept, modern architectural design.
Aside from creating a stunning exterior design, the team at XID Design & Build LLC is experienced with architecture interior design. This is a skill that brings function and form to the interior of a space. Using a variety of fundamental techniques, architectural interior design can define open spaces and create functionality. One of the most common tools an interior designer will use is space and lines. Space can create functionality, while lines are used to define structure and shape. Following the lines and space, an interior designer will further enhance a space with color, light, and texture. An interior design is intended to match the overall theme, or aesthetic of a building and can be the finishing touches needed to create a visual and functional architectural masterpiece. Interior design is often just as important as the overall architectural design. Having a cohesive interior design can help relay the overall theme or message intended for the form and function of the building. The team at XID Design & Build LLC is happy to help with your interior design needs today.

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