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At XID Design & Build LLC, we pride ourselves on our edgy design that blends seamlessly with the luxurious homes and buildings of California. Our design tends to focus on the bold natural landscapes found everywhere in southern California. Experts in house design, our lead architect, Stephanie, uses bold and clean lines to truly identify a space. The house design mirrors European minimalism and includes accents with edgy colors, textures, and fabrics. Taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine found in California, most of our home designs feature plentiful natural light shining through big and bold windows throughout. Further, we like to keep floor plans open and flowing, allowing the interior design to include touches and details to truly define the individual spaces throughout the building.
One area where we excel is in a remodel home. Many homes in southern California are dated, simply waiting for new owners to renovate and update. If you are looking for a remodel home, the team at XID Design & Build LLC can help. Led by the best, our trained architect and engineer can easily come into an existing space and remodel a home. We can create the interior design touches you are looking for. With open concept housing and tons of natural light, our new remodel designs are sure to update your space and create a stunning transformation. Remodel home design is also extremely popular with profitable flips. We will be able to completely transform a house for a new family, while helping to make the sellers money.
Before performing a new housing project, or home remodel, it is important to have the architectural house plans. These are usually created by a trained architect and act as the blueprints for the house. Architectural house plans can help identify where key components throughout the home or commercial building are. The plans can hold information about HVAC, wiring, or weight loading. Simply understanding where the weight of a building is positioned over beams and structures can help determine which walls can be eliminated to create an open floor plan. Not only are architectural house plans helpful to the current owners of a home or building, but they can be a valuable asset to pass along to new building owners. Most architectural plans can be read by fellow architects, designers, engineers, and builders alike. Architectural plans are an excellent way to convey important information to all members of the construction or remodel team.

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